We Serve Creatives

If our vision aligns, we’ll sell you our artistic souls. 

From high-end editorial to milestone moments and small business shoots, we’ve sketched our packages to suit your needs. 

Can they be tweaked? Yes. 

But you’ll have to light our creative hearts on fire first.

Our difference

We’re a multiservice, boutique studio with professional hair, makeup, styling and photography. 

Say goodbye to piecemeal teams and moving parts, we’re your landing place for a magical, stress-free and streamlined shoot.

Our Packages

Our Signature Offering

Full Hedera

Bring us your wildest concept and our team will get it done.

Full Hedera is a premium end-to-end service from concept to final photography.

Comprehensive and organised, she’s here to make life easy for you: less admin, less liaising and no more stress because the hairdresser slept through her alarm.

All you have to do? Sit back, sip your chai and drink in the creativity.

Who it’s for:

Fashion, beauty, magazine covers, editorials, salons and more.

Who it’s not for:

E-commerce catalogues, run-of-the-mill shoots, polite photography briefs.

Our Service Suite:

  • Avant-garde styling
  • Professional hair
  • Full creative makeup
  • Professional lighting
  • Expert photography
  • Creative oversight
NB: The Hedera team of 3 can be available to travel to your location, but highly recommends a visit to the undiscovered tourist capital of NZ: Timaru.

Bespoke packages for your brand

Small Business Hedera

Want to disrupt your industry, stand out from a noisy crowd of same-same, and kill it with truly aligned imagery for your brand?

Then say no more, because Small Business Hedera is your creative knight-ress in shining jewels, exquisite lighting, and moody aesthetics.

Apply to work with us, and if your vision’s a good fit, we’ll do our best to make the budget work.

Open-ended just for you

Individual Hedera

Pitch us something creative, and we might just say yes.

Our Individual Hedera package is designed as a wide-open space for you to fill in the gaps: Milestone moments, creative endeavours, innovative portfolios, wild ideas and more.

Who’s it for:

  • Aspiring models
  • Influencers
  • Next-level personal branding
  • Those wanting to celebrate milestone moments

If it’s creatively inspiring, we’re in.

Our Process

1. Concept
Style. Vibe. Moodboards. Pinterest. Inspiration. Colours. Light. Location. Makeup. Hair. Props. Styling.

We start dreaming out the rough edges of the shoot, never dialling in with precision, though, because we love to leave space for the organic evolution of the shoot and following stages.
2. Plan & Prep
Here’s where we do all the hard work: organising the details, assembling the team and doing our recon on your favourite snacks.

We’ll source the models (if you don’t have your own), scout for locations, create custom backdrops and set the parameters for the deliverables.

Prep’s up next with our team working their wizardry on makeup, hair and styling. We snap a few behind-the-scenes shots for your social media, finetune our lighting setup and make sure everything meets our painfully high standards.
3. Shoot
Let the fun begin.

Annnnd, action! Once shooting begins, we’ll have tethered image capture for you to review shots in real-time on a bigger screen, make selections and ratings and give us your two cents on what you’re seeing. Happy with makeup? Fabric looking ok? Any unexpected distractions? 

We’ll push the creative boundaries, experiment and obsess over lighting to get you the shots.
4. Delivery & Editing
We’ll provide a proofing gallery to narrow down your deliverable images. Any selections you made on shoot day will be marked, so it’ll be easy to remember your favourites. We can provide suggestions at this point, or leave it to you.

Editing’s where we sprinkle the stardust: anything from a light touch through to full magazine retouching. We’re all about natural beauty and texture, but we still love to push for depth and vibrancy.

After that? Final images are yours in all their divine glory.

"Hedera Studio is without a doubt the best and most professional photo studio i have worked with. From start to finish everything was made very easy. The concept, hair, make up and the images were absolutely perfect."

Kirsty Burnett

Trixie von Star