Looking for imagery?

We’re Hedera, a multiservice boutique agency based in Timaru, NZ.

Our Team

We’re not your average team, and we don’t want your imagery to be average either. 

We’re Brad (photography), Felicity (hair + styling) and Katie (makeup). Three creatives all brought together by a single driving force:

The need to do something different.

What started as an ‘anti-burnout’ outlet has resulted in something quite special: effortless creativity, smooth shoots and a whole lot of fun.  

Your answer to frazzled projects and organising overwhelm, our team’s expertise will execute your idea from concept to completion.

With our creative powers combined, we bring you Hedera.

Grew Up: Playing with colour, experimenting on her friends’ faces and being the go-to makeup artist for high school balls. 

Known For: Editorial prowess, creative individuality and experimenting with unconventional applications. 

Loves To: Explore the scope of her imagination using makeup as her medium, discovering and drawing out beauty.

Grew Up: Wanting to get into film VFX, but ditched that plan after he realised he was only taking stills on his first big-boy camera, a Canon 60D.

Known For: Masterful lighting. Attention to detail. Ruthless perfectionism. Drool-worthy photography. Never getting a good night’s sleep.  

Loves to: Obsess over lighting and apply ‘extra lighting’ to capture the seemingly impossible.

Grew Up: In a haze of creativity with music, art, craft, bone carving and home-made clothing. 

Known For: Pushing the limits while retaining the beauty. 

Loves to: Explore the offbeat, unusual and original, just in case she stumbles upon that elusive magic.

"What a fantastic team! I had a wonderful experience with the Hedera team. From start to finish it was such a fun day and they made me feel beautiful! And the photos were outstanding!"


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